May 112010

So, I’m going to start this post off by apologizing to anyone who may get hurt feelings after they read this.  I LOVE, love, love all of you Freshies, JUST as much as I love my Senior Skaters!  And I love everyone who falls in between those two ranks!

I am so super stoked to see like 20 new heinies in hot pants every time I come to practice!  I mean, you guys are the future of Red Stick Roller Derby!  Really!  Hopefully by the end of this season, you’ll be kicking the shit out of anyone you run across on the flat track.  And next season, YOU get to teach the new crop of skaters how to be ball busting bitches without ever smearing their sassy red lipstick!

And to my Capital Offenders.  Um, I hardly feel right calling anyone of you “Rookies”.  I got totally smoked by two of you at practice Thursday night, and when you hit like a wrecking ball, well, “Rookie” just don’t apply anymore.  And I gotta admit, while my ego was bruised almost as much as my ass, my chest swelled with a little bit of pride, you know, that “my little girls are all grown up” feeling.

All that said, I’m having a hard time mustering up the enthusiasm that I had when I rolled into the Red Stick for the first time, two and a half years ago.  And I finally figured out why–I miss my Senior skaters!!!  Waaaaa! As much as I am in love with the game, I guess I’m equally in love with the fifteen or so girls that I started out with.  I mean, when you see the same eight faces, day in and day out, forEVER, like more than your family, more than your “I Swear We’ll Be BFF’s FOREVER, for REAL” friends, you really fucking miss them when they’re gone!!  I know that there’s no retirement plan with Red Stick Roller Derby, and I never actually expected any of you to be around that long, but it never once occurred to me that you wouldn’t be!  And it’s totally selfish of me to feel this way, but I totally want all of you to put your lives on hold until I’M done playing roller derby.  I mean, who needs a phD, or to get married, have kids, get a new job, open your own business, move away.  I mean FUCK, Whatta Tuesday ain’t done playing, didn’t anyone tell you??

Long story short ladies, I’m super proud of all of ya’ll–you’ve all done some amazing things since I’ve known you.  And I’m sure you’ll continue to amaze me.  And I’ll always consider myself the luckiest girl in the world for havin’ known ya, but please come baaaaack before I cry my little eyes out!

Photo Credits:  Girls, Guns, and Glory and Word Press