Pick me up?

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Oct 262011

I am now officially BAD. My “probationary” period is over and I am eligible to be picked up by any team who wants to give me a home – or just use me on their roster for away games. Recently at about the same time I finished up my probation, I turned 30. I fantasized about being invited to join a team all weekend long! Birthday festivities came and went, and Sunday night while the Mr. and I sat on the couch and decompressed I told him “It’s not too late, there’s still time”. But the weekend officially ended. I received no emails or phone calls, I was not “kidnapped” in a van full of beer drinking lady-hooligans. There are some logistical problems with me being picked up right now – because the freshie draft is one month away and coaching has not yet decided what is to be done with me. But I’m super antsy about it and I even have a bottle of (cheap) champagne on standby. Seriously.

So when I received an invitation to fill in on the unraveling roster of the San Francisco ShEvil dead I was stoked. A thousand times yes! It would be in Sacramento vs. Sacred City B team. Immediately I began to imagine how they were going to have me bout with them, and then when it was over say “Hey – just kidding! This is permanent!” and it would be glorious. Yes, I always get that far ahead of myself.

I really expected to have a minor flip out before the game (I have not bouted since June) but it never happened. And actually, I jammed quite a bit and didn’t cry or anything. I feel like I did okay. I make a lot of mistakes as a blocker and it really pisses me off, but everyone else told me I did well.

photo by D.E.Sign


No. I was not invited to join the team after the game. This whole “Will she or won’t she go into the draft pool” is delaying business. How am I supposed to plan my life without team colors? “What color socks do you want for Christmas?”  I don’t know!!!

There is something to be said for being team-less. I know this from a variety of different experiences. Most recently being homeless. When you have nothing the possibilities are endless. When you have nothing you could have anything. A few months ago Mr. Fever and I were sleeping on a mattress in the back of our van looking for a place to call home. So long as we were still van-folk, the possibility that we would find the most amazing apartment with all the yard/kitchen/garage space for a bargain was great motivation. Once you move in though, it becomes your reality and either is or is not as enchanting as you envisioned. “Sure there is lots of space, but the outlets are in such inconvenient locations…” You realize that dozens of freight trains will go by everyday. You begin to nitpick.

I guess what I’m saying is, I can’t wait to experience the elation of a new team, so that we can become comfortable enough with each other to get real. The sooner the better – my bags are packed and I’m ready to move in.