May 112010

The past weekend I went to San Diego with Team Legit and skated against the San Diego Derby Dolls on banked track. On Sunday we had a scrimmage on the flat track, and both was equally fun. I was housed by Ivanna and Trish from Sin City Skates together with Demanda, Jackie Daniels, Goodie and Miss E. we all came in Friday,  piled up on futons and beds, stacked our gear into corners and made ourselves at home.

Jackie, Demanda, Miss E and Ivanna, enjoying Sunday Funday

Betty, a displaced Australian roller girl made sure we all got fed, half of the San Diego Derby Dolls came by to share some beer, some food and say hello.  Sara Problem, Muffin, Meep Meep and AJ from Legit also showed up and I started to get excited, not only to see everyone but that I was gonna get to skate with them the next day . This was the third trip for Team Legit, since Legit was created by Carmen Getsome for Battle of the Bank II. Team Legit is made up of a bunch of flat-track all-stars from teams across USA, Legit mostly get together to play banked track, but we are open for flat track challanges. The roster always change slighty depending on who can make it, depending on  who has a home-game or another reason for not being able to come play.

I am really happy and grateful to be a part of Team Legit, it is quite an experience to get to play banked track, but also to be able to play against skaters such as Krissy Krash, Trish the Dish and Bonnie D.Stroir. It is always humbling but also fun, fun, fun… because even if we want to win real bad, it is not for ranking and the major reason we are doing it is to have fun.  Added pleasure is also that I get the opportunity to play with amazing girls, that I usually wouldn’t get to play with,  such as Rice Rocket, Demanda Riot, Jackie Daniels and Goodie Two Skates. (I am not mentioning the Rat City girls here, since I still have not gotten used to not being a part of Rat City, and I am always happy to skate with my old Wenches).

To be honest, I prefer flat track, I really love to play banked track, but there is something more to flat track, I can’t put my finger on it, but I guess we all have preferences in our lives. But one thing doesn’t always have to exclude something else. We lost against San Diego this weekend, but we still had fun, we slipped up in the third period, and it took all the way into the fourth period until we gotten our skates under us again. It happens, but for every time I play with Legit and on the bank, I feel a step closer to figuring it out. I probably could write lots of more about the actual game, but why bother when you can go on DNN and watch it… The night turned into a mellow after-party with some dress up elements and DDR… We had promised to scrimmage the Wildfires the next morning, so nothing to crazy. We did make sure to put a few into Miss E, considering it was her birthday, I did not know where to buy a stripper, or that might have happened. I guess I have to save that for next time….

Sunday morning we met up with the San Diego girls to scrimmage, this time on flat-track, and after scrimmage we submitted to Sunday Funday, and that was lots of mimosas, Guinness and ended in tattoo-o-rama… We can just say I now have a permanent memory of this weekend.

Swede in the San Diego sun

Apr 262010

Last week I spent at practice, finding out I made Gothams All-stars, scrimmaging Philly and hanging out with girls from Philly, Rat City, Gotham and even a few London girls. Rollergirls are the best, we play hard and we party hard. We drink beers and we fall into each others arms laughing after beating up on each other on the track. We all know you can only learn from the best… so we get the best drunk and pump them on information… MOHAhahahaha… We also realize that we are involved in a serious sport, and therefore drinking is not the main point of our lives or the fun.

Calling of my last jam with Rat City

Calling of my last jam with Rat City (Photo by Jules Doyle)

I take derby very seriously. I will be at practice four times a week. I will work my ass off. I will listen to what the other girls have to say, I will look at how they skate. I will be humbled and annoyed. I will work really, really hard to make sure that my team can count on me. I also work out off skates, I life weights and do other off skate workouts. I don’t go out and get drunk the week before a bout, but I will be dancing on the bar with my teammates after the game is played and the points are scored. I consider the after parties a workout, and sometimes I even bruise.

I love derby, I love every aspect of it, I mostly love being on the track and learning new drills, but I also love the off track comradarie, I love that I now have friends in almost every major American city and even a few in Europe. I love watching derby, but honestly, it will never be as fun as playing. I am not only a Gotham Roller Derby Girl, but I am also a proud member of Team Vagine and Team Legit, and I try to get as much time on the track as possible, because that’s what really matters, to get to skate…. I love my pick-up teams because it gives me the opportunity to skate with girls that I only get to see once in a while and also experience something different from my everyday life.

Team Legit played the LA Derby Dolls earlier this year

Apr 112010

When I write this I am sitting on a train going south, trains are amazing in the way how I can see the landscape fly by outside and still walk around and have my own little space. X2000 is the fastest train of Sweden, and that is where I am, in the distant north where I was born. I flew from a sunny glammed out LA, a packed Doll Factory, skating my little Legit heart out against the banked girls of LADD to a Sweden, where the spring slowly is hesitating, one step forward, two back. Yesterday it snowed in Stockholm but today I could lace my skates on and skate down to the station to hop on the train to head towards the third largest city of Sweden called Malmö. Malmö just started Sweden’s fourth roller derby league, and I am there to meet with some of the girls and talk derby. It has only been two years since I skated my first bout, but the two best years of my life…

I found derby a little over two and a half years ago, and it was not in Sweden at all, I found it when I was just returning from a very crazy summer in Berlin, I needed some substance in my life, I wanted to find a passion that was filled with more than just words and no action. I needed to find something that made me smile with my eyes and that wasn’t about getting myself too drunk or writing self-loathing poetry.
In the middle of all this I had a great neighbor who was friends with Deadly Aim (former Rat City now Oly Roller) and asked me why I just did not try Roller Derby. Without even knowing what roller derby was, more than girls on quads knocking each other over while wearing short skirts, I bought a rookie package from some online shop. From that day and on I rarely drank, I quit smoking (and I had smoked for almost 14 years) and I went vegan. I tend to do things to extreme when I fall in love, and I fell in love with roller-skating, and later on with roller derby. After two months of going to all of the skate rinks of the Seattle area and mimicking the moves of random girls with striped socks, I found Jet City.
I was scared and shy; I was sure I would be laughed at and fall flat on my face. I wore stretch jeans and an oversized Misfit t-shirt, and I think I might have fallen on my face, but I ended up being accepted to Jet City’s booty camp and later trying out for the league.. Trixxie Trah’em, one of the best and scariest blockers of the league, always used to practice hits on me. I was always that scrawny and tall girl, I never imagined that I one day would be feared as a blocker on the track. I jammed my little heart out that first year, and I don’t think I ever really considered being a good blocker until I got on Rat City a year later. But I believe you can become anything if you really put your mind to it, it is all in the hard work and passion.
And it is not easy, I have fallen asleep some nights crying, feeling like I am not good enough, but when my jammer tells me she feel safe with me in the pack, I know it is all worth it. I feel good about being me, I feel good about wearing my team’s color on the track, and I feel good about roller derby. All the strong women that makes me believe that I can be what I want and strive to be, women I love on and off the track. I love how I can shit talk with Krissy Krash on the track just to lean my head against hers afterwards, because I know she is one of the good people. We all belong together, they love me for who I am just in the same way I love them. What is there not to love??

Oh and by the way, the Malmö girls got me real drunk after a little skate session.