Jun 092010

In Portland February 2009

When I started skating I almost only jammed, I was told at boot camp that I would be a jammer and since I barley knew what a jammer was, I googled it and then went with it. I was a very very sucky blocker, but I jammed, I was one of the fastest skaters on Jet City after a year, and I was also quite determined. So I skated, skated, skated and mostly jammed. And I didn’t particularly love it, but I didn’t hate it, it was what I did, I was a jammer, I scored grand slams and I helped my team. At some point the pressure just got to high, I became that jammer that everyone chanted ‘grand slam, grand slam, grand slam’ for, and I buckled under pressure and I started to feel anxiety every time I slid the star over my helmet.

I got picked up by Rat City, and my jamming time started to diminish at the same rate as my blocking got better and better, I enjoyed killing the other jammer. I realized that I was a very effective blocker, and I did good, I got good feedback on blocking, maybe because people saw me as a jammer that suprised them with blocking skills. I was still expected to go out and jam, and score, score, score when I did, no matter what my pack looked like. I held myself to really high standards, and when i couldn’t live up to them, I avoided jamming even more. And it wasn’t that I wasn’t doing good, I just wasn’t doing as good as I felt I should.

Sockit Wenches vs. Grave Danger 2009

Sockit Wenches vs. Grave Danger 2009

I still enjoyed jamming, but my jammer anxiety was just out of hands, and I felt like I was needed more as a blocker. And about the same time as my second home-season came to an end and I was committed to the travel team fulltime, I was never really jamming. The travel team  never practiced me jamming and I never stood up voluntarily to jam, I had turned into a blocker over the course of three months.
Don’t get me wrong, I really do love jamming, I think it is fun, and I have slowly been trying to get back into it. My current team needs me to jam, and I do it, because I have to. But I still stand on the line questioning myself, always being nervous that I will not live up to expectations. Nowadays I am in many times more effective as a blocker, I am a jammer-killer, I have awareness on the floor and can help my more rookie skaters more on the floor than with a star on my head. I can try to make out jammer look great but I have to work on my offensive blocking, I am not a whipper, but then the question is, am I a jammer??
I can score, I can pass, I do get lead jammer at times, I still hesitate to jam, and only I am the person that can remove the mental block I have for jamming… and I am working on it… but it is hard when you line up against Bonnie Thunders or Suzy Hotrod with Beyonslay or Donna Matrix in the pack, just waiting to kill, kill, kill you…

Isn’t derby just great so say!?

And I have already started my plan on how to get into better jammer shape… please follow and give me happy feed-back!

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May 112010

The past weekend I went to San Diego with Team Legit and skated against the San Diego Derby Dolls on banked track. On Sunday we had a scrimmage on the flat track, and both was equally fun. I was housed by Ivanna and Trish from Sin City Skates together with Demanda, Jackie Daniels, Goodie and Miss E. we all came in Friday,  piled up on futons and beds, stacked our gear into corners and made ourselves at home.

Jackie, Demanda, Miss E and Ivanna, enjoying Sunday Funday

Betty, a displaced Australian roller girl made sure we all got fed, half of the San Diego Derby Dolls came by to share some beer, some food and say hello.  Sara Problem, Muffin, Meep Meep and AJ from Legit also showed up and I started to get excited, not only to see everyone but that I was gonna get to skate with them the next day . This was the third trip for Team Legit, since Legit was created by Carmen Getsome for Battle of the Bank II. Team Legit is made up of a bunch of flat-track all-stars from teams across USA, Legit mostly get together to play banked track, but we are open for flat track challanges. The roster always change slighty depending on who can make it, depending on  who has a home-game or another reason for not being able to come play.

I am really happy and grateful to be a part of Team Legit, it is quite an experience to get to play banked track, but also to be able to play against skaters such as Krissy Krash, Trish the Dish and Bonnie D.Stroir. It is always humbling but also fun, fun, fun… because even if we want to win real bad, it is not for ranking and the major reason we are doing it is to have fun.  Added pleasure is also that I get the opportunity to play with amazing girls, that I usually wouldn’t get to play with,  such as Rice Rocket, Demanda Riot, Jackie Daniels and Goodie Two Skates. (I am not mentioning the Rat City girls here, since I still have not gotten used to not being a part of Rat City, and I am always happy to skate with my old Wenches).

To be honest, I prefer flat track, I really love to play banked track, but there is something more to flat track, I can’t put my finger on it, but I guess we all have preferences in our lives. But one thing doesn’t always have to exclude something else. We lost against San Diego this weekend, but we still had fun, we slipped up in the third period, and it took all the way into the fourth period until we gotten our skates under us again. It happens, but for every time I play with Legit and on the bank, I feel a step closer to figuring it out. I probably could write lots of more about the actual game, but why bother when you can go on DNN and watch it… The night turned into a mellow after-party with some dress up elements and DDR… We had promised to scrimmage the Wildfires the next morning, so nothing to crazy. We did make sure to put a few into Miss E, considering it was her birthday, I did not know where to buy a stripper, or that might have happened. I guess I have to save that for next time….

Sunday morning we met up with the San Diego girls to scrimmage, this time on flat-track, and after scrimmage we submitted to Sunday Funday, and that was lots of mimosas, Guinness and ended in tattoo-o-rama… We can just say I now have a permanent memory of this weekend.

Swede in the San Diego sun