Jun 042010

A friend forwarded me a link in a Facebook message yesterday and what laid on the other end of that link did nothing short but make my jaw drop.

Cincinnati Rollergirl Sadistic Sadie pled guilty Wednesday to fraud. I’d like to state right now that this is not an article discussing any gossip or negative views of Sadie and what she allegedly did.

Sadie is a big name in the derby community, so much so that she was the WFTDA featured player last month. She is known for her amazing jamming skills, sassy attitude and stylish short hair.

Sadie was on the cover of the very first USARS magazine that I ever got – I was enamored with her. She was this amazing skater who was already making big waves with her little skates back when most of us were still learning how to do a plow stop.  Sadie and I are both #76 – it’s a coincidence, but one I always remember on game day. Any article, blog post or DNN report that had her name in it I read it (usually twice).

I saw her at Rollercon back in 2008 both on the track with Team Awesome and in line for the bar at the Black & Blue ball – I almost lost my shit when I was talking to her, but managed to keep my glee tuned down to polite chit-chat.

She was and is defiantly one of my derby crushes (nod to Swede) so you could imagine my stomach-dropping shock when I read that Sadie had been committing fraud while working for United Airlines, racking up an estimated $500,000 in plane tickets that she sold or gave to family, friends and derby girls.

So many questions are running through my head right now – How did she get caught up in this? She is obviously a smart girl and saw an opportunity and acted on it. She probably thought she would never get caught. Money makes people do crazy things – things that they would never do otherwise and would probably never consider.

Why do ordinary people do “bad” things? I can’t help but wonder if there are other United employees who have been running this scam as well.

I would really like to hear Sadie’s side. I’m not saying she was right or wrong to do what she did, I would just like to know why? I feel like I sorta have that celebrity complex, where you feel like you know someone, when in reality you don’t know them at all. I do know that she’s a phenomenon on the track – I guess I’m just stunned that any derby girl could commit a felony, especially a WFTDA recognized one.

Sadie is set to be sentenced in September and could (although I doubt) spend up to 20 years in prison and a fine of $250,000. I think the part that makes me sad is the very real potential that Sadie will never skate derby again – I hope I’m wrong.

My thoughts go out to her right now – I’m sure dealing with this publicly, privately and emotionally is a heavy burden.