Sep 202010

It’s Suzy Hotrod from Gotham Girls Roller Derby writing to you today from beautiful New York City, where strangely enough there was a tornado today. So what more fitting a way to celebrate a freak thing in nature than with me writing a blog. TrAC/DC met me at Rollercon and asked me to write for Live Derby Girls. Which is super, since I make fun of blogs and those who write them. None the less with the arrival of a tornado and the discovery that Scarlet Rage’s dog Klaus has a blog , I’m up on my courage. TrAC says I should just write like I talk, uh…. so….. shit fuck son of a bitch? What’s this blog going to be about? Damned if I know because my entire life consists of riding my bike to work, working, watering the garden, skating, eating, and sleeping. Repeat. Then on the weekends I dig in record bins and am constantly disgusted at the huge amount of Frampton Comes Alive records I find. Is that enough to drum up some blog hits? Speaking of hits, my new favorite roller derby term of the week is “Ass Punch.” In closing I wanted to attach a photo but am too stupid to figure out how to do that. So instead here’s a great video of the Gotham Girls Roller Derby Team at the gym hitting the weights.

Photo by JoeRollerFan