May 062010

I went for a run today down at the beach. I thought “Meh, its only a 6 mile interval run, I don’t really need to bring a water bottle.” Dude. Poor choice. I was cruising along for the first few miles. My legs felt good, my sprints were decent. Around mile 4 my calves started to cramp up and that was the end of that. My pace dropped down, my sprints went to shit and I finished up the last 1/2 mile thinking “is it over yet? is it over yet?” Check out my run

A lot of athletes fail to understand how important hydration is for endruance and muscle function. Skaters will bring water onto the track durring practice but have failed to hydrate all day long. As a result, they don’t drink until they are already dehydrated.

Through my 4 years of derby experience and borderline nerdy nutrition obsession I have learned a thing or two about hydration. According to one of my favorite books, ”The Human Fuel Handbook: Nutrtion For Peak Athletic Perfomance,” water loss of 3% of total body weight will reduce endurance and loss of 4-6% will reduce both endurance and strength. That means sub-lightnening speed jamming and less than bone crushing hits as a result of lack of water. Not good.

So what to drink and when to drink it?

Every time I run or skate (this morning excluded unfortuantely) I mix up an epic concotion that a friend of mine nicknamed “Catch me if you can.” This mixture will actually boost your endurance, increase recovery time between jams, provide you with electrolites, easy access energy from a long lasting plant sugar without high fructose corn syrup, and give you an energy/mental clarity kick without the cracked out feeling of redbull. There a three components to “catch me if you can”:


For questions about why “Catch me if you can” is so awesome, or how it does what it does, or where to get this amazing stuff contact me at and I’ll hook you up.


Psychogenesis and I..ummmm                                  Swede Hurt hetting her water on at Active Nutrition,

hydrating?                                                                                                  my nutrition cafe in west LA.

HYDRATION TIP1: Take your weight in pounds, devide it by 2. Thats how many ounces of water you should drink thoughout the day in ADDITION to 6oz of water per 30 mintues of exercize.

HYDRATION TIP2: Drink all day, even when your not thirsty. Thirst is your body’s way of telling you that you are already dehydrated.

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