Apr 132011


I’m not much for after parties, I’m really a homebody and I like to go to bed very early. Even on Saturdays. In concept, I am stoked for the after party! I imagine myself among dozens of amazon girls and we are all wearing daisy dukes and spraying beer on each other, high-fiving and ass grabbing… maybe even wrestling a little bit.  It’s like a scene from “Animal House” or “Girls Gone Wild” except it’s my fantasy and not some sleazy dudes. Alas, after skating and breaking up our floor and putting it away and folding chairs, coming down from the emotional buzz of a win or a lose… I just go home and have a beer on my couch. Or go right to bed. I just can’t rally for the extra effort. Even at the Wild West Showdown I managed to resist the pants Off Dance Off (which I’m kinda sorry about).

Enter Dust Devil 2011. Never have I had a better excuse to blow off the after party. Friday we spent 12 hours in transit to Tucson! Sure, I could have flown to Taiwan in that amount of time but we are on a budget! Three flights! Not to mention the temperature rose about 60 degrees and the elevation 2700 feet. Then Saturday we ended up skating three bouts. Three full length bouts. Wow! I can tell you, we did NOT see that coming. Sunday was a little more relaxed, which I guess is why I ended up going to the party. We only had one bout, it was mid-afternoon, I had a good nights sleep…


Can I take a moment to give a nice little shout out to Tucson for hosting us? You ladies totally rock. Thank you! And while I’m giving props, a little love to FoCo Roller Girls, AZRD and Sin City Rollergirls. Smushy hugs!






I love roller derby (we kind of have to love it to keep up, right?). Additionally, it feels so special to put on a team jacket and go somewhere on an airplane (despite my fear of flying), to hear a child’s voice in an airport far from your home say “Look dad! It’s the Bellingham Roller Betties!”. Then there are the “sometimes”. Sometimes I am really down on myself for not performing better. Or sometimes I want to be very far away from my team mates and not having another meeting. Sometimes I want my life (and money!) back. Sometimes I’m worried about getting hurt. Dust Devil fell right into one of my “sometimes” phases, which was a major bummer. This is too large of a commitment to feel unsure about.  After finishing our 3rd bout on Saturday I had seriously mixed emotions, I felt great after all that skating which was awesome! But I was also disappointed with our 2 loses and worried about how the team would change in the future. Even our win on Sunday couldn’t really shake that off me. I almost went to bed instead of the after party. I’m glad I didn’t, because those are not feelings you should sleep with.






What happened at the Club Congress was pretty magical. Not magical like falling asleep on a grassy hillside and waking up to a baby unicorn licking your face, more like driving down some desolate and dirty road feeling haggard from days of travel then seeing a ragged cardboard box tossed aside and discovering it’s full of talking kittens passing around a joint and they offer you a beer. My team mates decided to all go in costume. Nothing makes awesome happen like wearing a costume! Pacific Roller Derby was there and they were all wearing leotards (amazing… glittery… leotards)! There was a KISS cover band complete with ridiculous boots and fake blood! I love making new friends with skaters from afar, but now I know that the real bonding happens at the bar (everyone else says “duh”). Especially when you don’t wear pants. You make lots of friends when you go places without pants on.

Well, you know how it turned out. It was everything I hoped it would be! Short-shorts, cheap beer, KISS, guys in dresses, animal costumes and piggy back rides! There was even a crowd surfing pony!

Before: Happy team mates who are relatively exhausted and may well be interested in doing other things without company.

After: A funny faced bunch of derby animals. Amphibians, mammals, cats and foxes all partying together!











I learned a valuable lesson. From time to time, it’s important to get together with your derby girls and do something non-derby (okay, a derby after part is kinda derby).  Like wear funny hats and play games like “shaky face”. Seriously though, how often do we do that? Not often enough. I feel fresh and new again, thanks to some ladies in furry hats, 80′s music and PBR.