Feb 232011

geared upSo, I’m new here.

Well, I’m new all around. But I’d really like to start making my mark in the wonderful world of derby. Or rather, I’d like the wonderful world of derby to start making a mark on me.

But let’s be honest for a second here. Derby has already started making a mark on me. In fact, it did the first time I saw a derby bout. Enough of a mark that I decided that derby was something I needed to get into, regardless of the fact that I was out of shape and that I’m a socially awkward and shy person. So I did. And I’m never going to look back.

I must admit, roller derby is not something I ever thought I’d be interested in. It’s certainly not something I ever thought I’d be involved with. After all, I’m not exactly the type of girl that would ever be seen in fishnets or hot pants. I don’t really do the “girly” thing, and I admit my first (incorrect) impression of derby was that it was a sport for girly girls. Yet here I am, two bouts in, anxiously awaiting the next time I strap on my skates, counting the seconds until I can leave my heart out on the flat track.

I’ve been involved with sports my whole life but I can honestly say that roller derby is the most physically and mentally demanding sport I’ve ever done. And there has not been a single second that I’ve regretted joining the league. The rewards I reap make it completely worth all the pain. Plus, because of this sport, I’ve been introduced to the most wonderful group of people I could have ever hoped to meet. These girls feel like family to me. No, scratch that, they ARE family.

When I entered the skating rink as fresh meat back in October, I was completely terrified. I’m not really good with social situations or engaging new people in conversation. Typically, I’m the kind of person that hides in a corner and fades into the background. Thankfully I was welcomed almost immediately. I was even invited out for post-practice drinks. I’ve never felt so accepted before. And I’ve never felt so sure that I made the right decision than I did after that first practice. Sure, it hurt. And I didn’t know if I’d be physically up to the challenge since I’d be mostly sedentary for ten years. But I knew I wanted to be a part of this. I wasn’t going to give up. I decided the first night that there was nothing I wanted more than to be a member of Red Stick Roller Derby. Now, just a few months later, here I am. And I couldn’t be more proud of myself.

lead jammer

There have been a few moments in my life that I have considered the proudest I’ve ever felt. Now I believe the proudest moment of my life so far is the first time I skated up to the jammer line in my very first bout. I get that feeling of pride every time I skate up to the jammer line. That’s a feeling I want to hold on to.

Becoming a member of the derby team was like a dream come true, even though it was a dream I never knew I had. Derby is the best thing I’ve ever done with my life, hands down. Thanks to derby I finally feel like I really belong somewhere. Even though it’s not easy (I’ve suffered a few minor injuries so far), it’s worth it. No matter how difficult it gets, I’ll never let myself give up. Because I am a derby girl. And nothing is going to stop me from being a derby girl.

May 132010

I don’t do things in moderation, I just don’t. I have tried, but I still end up challenging myself to challenges that might or might not be totally crazy and undoable, the past few months I told others and myself that I was going to make the Gotham all-stars, that I was going to win an arm-off against Suzy Hotrod from Gotham (se picture) and win a tan-off against Sunshine Skate from Philly, who is a Latina… So I did make the Gotham All-stars, the other two things are still to be determined… oh and I also would really like to date Psychobabble (or you know maybe just hold hands), but I guess I settle for things that might be a little more in my range. (as in mentioned arm-offs and tan-offs )

Suzy Hotrod - arm-off is coming up...

I really hate to lose, not in the obvious ‘oh I am so mad I lost’ kind of way, I will just silently work out, practice listen and one day just sneak up on my target and go for the kill. Me and an old roomie used to compete in everything, Trivial Pursuit and video games were our usual objects to obsess over. I must say I mastered Mario Cart after that winter, and knew every Trivial Pursuit question by heart. Complaining never gotten anyone anywhere, but it has its’ charm at times, and I am willing to admit that I submit to complain at times. Like right now I have a couple of giant bruises, my shoulder is a little out of wonk and my ankle is disagreeing with me and skating. But when it comes down to it all, it is about to know your own body and push it a little more, but not too much, to recognize when you are in serious pain, or when it is really just regular derby pain. Because NEWSFLASH, derby is a full contact sport, your body will hit the ground numerous times, and if it doesn’t ever hit the ground, you are probably either magical (I am not opposed to that), not trying hard enough or just not really playing derby. And it will not only hit the ground, other girls will do their best to knock you around with hip checks, sternum blocks and shoulder checks, most of them will be legal, but at times you will grow accustomed to getting your knees wiped out by a low block or your head rattled by a high block. In all fairness, it will happen. Your body will slowly adjust to being covered in bruises, swollen knees, ankles and whatever happens to be your weak spot… You just have to identify your weak spot, and start working the muscles up around it, if you have a bad ankle, nurse it with love and pain, make sure it gets to rest, but also make sure that it get worked out, that the small little muscles in it builds up so it will become a part of your fierce derby body…

Well, enough about me ranting, I have a spray-tan appointment and a date with the gym… ehhh ohhh and all-star practice tomorrow…

Working out arms and tanning at the same time....