Jul 292010

I’m at RollerCon, y’all! And I have the chance to win some serious money, and some hard-earned glory. Over the past three months, I’ve been participating in the Derbalife Hotter in Your Hotpants 90 day body challenge. The fabulous Krissy Krash, LA Derby Dolls skater and fellow LDG writer, is the head Derbalife guru, and trAC/DC was my personal, local coach. With trAC’s encouragement (just her presence at dinner reminded me I didn’t need cheese fries) I lost five pounds and got a lot stronger and more cut. See for yourself! And if you’re at RollerCon, come to the LDG/Derbalife table and check out all the awesome Before and Afters. But help a girl out and vote for me!