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Goal Setting.

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Jun 102010

Photo By StalkerazziI think many people underestimate the power of setting goals. Health goals, career goal, skating goals, family goals. I feel like it wasn’t until about a year ago that I truly realized the power of setting goal  and making a conscious effort to reach them. In the past year my main goals has been to be recognised as a legit jammer. Have I reached it? I think I’m getting pretty darn close. After the Battle for the Coast, Kiki Diaz of SDDD came up to me and told me my jamming has been taken to a whole new level this year. Needless to say, coming froma  quick footed jammer, I was pretty stoked for the compliment.

I feel like my skating has gone through some big changes in the last year. From finally solving my hypoglycemia predicament to recovering ASAP from a partially torn MCL to nailing down to a T what I need to eat on and before game days and practices I feel like I am in a balanced place where nutrition and cross training are really showing through in my skating. I wouldn’t go as far as to say I am an epic jammer or anything like that but I am pretty satisfied with my progress. And that’s what it’s all about progress.

With the launching of the Hotter In Your Hotpants Fitness/Photo challenge, I have been working with over 100 skaters on setting goals and creating benchmarks so that we can monitor progress. Key point here, when you set a goal you have to set up lots of little goals between the starting point and the finish line.

Want to be a better jammer? Great! what game do you want to jam in? What skills do do you need to work on to be recognised as a reliable jammer? What basic skills need to be built up to make these more balls-y moves jive? Go into every practice with your own goals. What do you want to improve today?

 Want to lose ten pound between now and rollercon? Great, now what does that mean you are going to eat every day? How much protein will you get every meal? What time of day are you eating said meals? Map out a plan for the day or week and pre plan. What do you need from the grocery store Monday to make it through to Sunday?

Bottom line is chunk it down. What ever your big goals are, they are reachable. You just have to take small steps and commit to following them. So the question is, what do you want to achieve?

May 142010

The freshmeat 15 of roller derby. Its a common occurance girls who start skating derby. What is happening is that you are building up some epic skating legs and that muscle may make the scale look like you are packing on the pounds. I encourage you all to not let the scale dictate you lives. Every girl has a different definition of healthy and for the most part, it really shouldnt have a whole lot to do with what the scale says. If you find you are psyching yourself out with the number game, I encourage you to go get body fat tested. Calipers are fine, hydrostatic testing is even better.

Lets face it, most girls would like to look hot in their hot pants. Yes, we love derby for its raw athleticism but we also like to look good while doing it. Several of the girsl on my all-star team went out and bought girdles to suck everything in under their uniforms. I personally think that nutrition and healthy life style is the best way to keep it sexy on the track.

Bottom line is, you gotta have some meat on your bones to play this sport. Girls who lack muscle will have an increased chance of injury on the track. On the same note, being at an unhealthy weight as a result of poor nutrition can lead to things like asthma, pre-diabetic conditions, low muscle strength, etc.

If you’re unsure of where you stand, you can hit me up at or check out .

May 062010

I went for a run today down at the beach. I thought “Meh, its only a 6 mile interval run, I don’t really need to bring a water bottle.” Dude. Poor choice. I was cruising along for the first few miles. My legs felt good, my sprints were decent. Around mile 4 my calves started to cramp up and that was the end of that. My pace dropped down, my sprints went to shit and I finished up the last 1/2 mile thinking “is it over yet? is it over yet?” Check out my run

A lot of athletes fail to understand how important hydration is for endruance and muscle function. Skaters will bring water onto the track durring practice but have failed to hydrate all day long. As a result, they don’t drink until they are already dehydrated.

Through my 4 years of derby experience and borderline nerdy nutrition obsession I have learned a thing or two about hydration. According to one of my favorite books, ”The Human Fuel Handbook: Nutrtion For Peak Athletic Perfomance,” water loss of 3% of total body weight will reduce endurance and loss of 4-6% will reduce both endurance and strength. That means sub-lightnening speed jamming and less than bone crushing hits as a result of lack of water. Not good.

So what to drink and when to drink it?

Every time I run or skate (this morning excluded unfortuantely) I mix up an epic concotion that a friend of mine nicknamed “Catch me if you can.” This mixture will actually boost your endurance, increase recovery time between jams, provide you with electrolites, easy access energy from a long lasting plant sugar without high fructose corn syrup, and give you an energy/mental clarity kick without the cracked out feeling of redbull. There a three components to “catch me if you can”:


For questions about why “Catch me if you can” is so awesome, or how it does what it does, or where to get this amazing stuff contact me at and I’ll hook you up.


Psychogenesis and I..ummmm                                  Swede Hurt hetting her water on at Active Nutrition,

hydrating?                                                                                                  my nutrition cafe in west LA.

HYDRATION TIP1: Take your weight in pounds, devide it by 2. Thats how many ounces of water you should drink thoughout the day in ADDITION to 6oz of water per 30 mintues of exercize.

HYDRATION TIP2: Drink all day, even when your not thirsty. Thirst is your body’s way of telling you that you are already dehydrated.

*The satatements above are not affiliated with any league*

Apr 282010

Derby is for EVERYONE and you can do with it what you like. Thats the beauty of our sport. There is a place for all shapes and sizes. All levels of experience. Derby can make you into whoever you want to be. So the next step is to ask yourself, who do you want to be?

In my opinion there are 3 different types of girls in our sport. There are derby girls, derby skaters and derby all stars. Every league needs all three to make things jive.

I really want ot focus on those of you who see yourselves a current or future derby all stars. You are the ones who go the extra mile, hit p the streets for some endurance skating, cross train, weight train, do plyometircs and of course keep you selves in to shape nutritionally. I want you to ask youself, whats your motivation?

Keeping your “Why” in mind really helps keep things in perspective when you start to hit plateaus. Even the best of the best will even off at some point. When you find yourself hitting a wall with you level of play or getting frustrated there are two things you shoudl do. 1) Remind youself why you love the sport and what it is that drives you to be the best, 2) Talk to someone you look up to in the derby world and ask for advice. Skaters love to talk shop and askign them for inspiration and education is usualy an awesoem ego boost and they’re more than willing to share with you some tips and tricks to step it up.

Bottom line is there is no limit to how far we can take this sport. Now end in site as to how much better we can all get. Olympic level competion? Professional Level leagues? You better believe there a whole new level of derby to be played and the only way to go is up.


Fuel Good

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Apr 202010

I recently started private training sessions with an aspiring future derby star. Before we even laced up our skates, I sat down with her and asked her what she wanted out of derby. Like many girls, she’s looking for a way to get back into sports, get in shape and find some comradary amongst women. This is a girl is tall and skinny and has some major potential. The first thing I told her was “if you want any longevity in this sport, you need to put on some muscle, otherwise its only a matter of time before crashing to the floor and smashing into girls takes a toll on you body and you’re out for the count.”

We took some time to look at what she eats on a daily basis and how much strength training she does on a weekly basis. First thing I noticed was that she was not getting nearly enough protein to feed her body. The number one issue I find with almost every girl is that they havent made the connection between what they put in their body and how they perform. Seems simple, yes? Take a look at what you eat every day. Do you know how much protein you’re getting every day? Do you know how much you need? Did you know that when you eat it and how much can make a difference inyour perfomrance as well?

Protein 101:

Protein is made up of amino acids. Amino acids are the building blocks of you muscle. It helps you feel full longer and have sustained energy without crashing. You should be getting 15-30 grams of protein within 30 minutes of finishing a workout (especialy strength training) in order to build lean muscle and aid in muscle recovery. I swear by Formula 1 and PDM mixed together for both breakfast and my recovery shake every day.

Protein requirements vary from person to person based on your height and weight. Its important to know how much you as an individual need to support your day to day life and your asskicking derby career. If you have questions about how much protein to get or where to get it from, or when to eat it etc, email me or post your questions!!!