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Mar 032011

Tuesday night, as I was squinting across the rink at my teammate (and fellow LDG author!) Moxie Balboa, all I could see were the words “SEX” and “ROLLER DERBY” written across her shirt.

Makes sense, I thought to myself.  They’re obviously the same thing.

Later, I would realize that Moxie’s shirt ACTUALLY read “The only things I think about are SEX and ROLLER DERBY.”  But the amount of space the two items occupy in my brain is not the only thing they have in common.  And so, inspired by Moxie’s practice gear, I bring to you:

“Oops!  I Didn’t Mean To Do THAT:” Lessons Learned In Bed and On the Track

1. Your first time will get you sweaty and messy – and you’ll probably kind of suck.

I wish someone had told me this before I learned it for myself.  Like Mannie Freshmeat, I watched my first bout imagining myself whooshing around the track, scoring a million points and knocking down the other players like bowling pins.  I would be the 6 Million Dollar Woman on Wheels, a faster, stronger, better model than anything anyone had ever seen.  But fantasies and reality just aren’t the same thing, whether you’re on the track or in the sack. (Someone should hire me to write a cliched sex-self-help book.  I’m really good at this rhyming catch-phrase thing.)  I just might be willing to admit that, as an inexperienced preteen, I imagined myself as the Lady with the Magic Vagina.  When my “first time” came, I would please my partner and myself simultaneously, a pure concentration of vulvic power.  (Note: WordPress thinks that “vulvic” is not a word.  Should it be “vulvar?”  Who wants “vulvar” powers?  That doesn’t sound nearly as awesome.)  When I finally actually managed to get in the same room with a real-life naked dude, things weren’t quite that explosive.  While points were scored, I was definitely not lead jammer.  And there might have been a handful of major penalties involved.

2.  Size doesn’t really matter.

Sure, there are people who try to tell you that big girls can’t skate fast enough, or that skinny minnies won’t be able to take (or give) a hit.  But for every single skeptic, there are at least 5 derby girls out on a flat track right now, proving her wrong.  We derbies are proud of the diversity of physical bodies that inhabit our ranks, and we know that the human form is beautiful in all its incarnations.  People who use their beds as size-ist war zones should take a lesson from the derby rule book.  Bodies can do amazing and unexpected things, no matter their shape or size.  Haters are missing out.

3.  Fancy shit is fine, but if you don’t know the basics, you can’t get far

The night my friend Q lost his virginity, he accidentally learned that he was fantastically adept at performing in a backbend-intensive position called “London Bridge.”  His girlfriend, also a virgin, loved the position and claimed it made her cum every time.  Consequently, Q started to believe that London Bridge was some kind of lady-pleasing secret that his sexually active bro-friends just hadn’t uncovered.  After all, he could make a girl climax every time!!! Like my pre-cherry-popping self, he assumed he was some sort of sexual superhero.  About six months later, he and his girlfriend broke up, and -eager to try out his super-secret power – he found a new partner.  During their first encounter, he almost immediately folded himself into a backbend, trying to initiate London Bridge.  His new orgasm-candidate glared questioningly at him and said, “Are you doing a BACKBEND?”

“Yeah!” he answered, “It’s awesome!  Go ahead; climb on top.”

She didn’t.  Instead, she pushed him back onto the floor and – in a moment far more forceful than anything I experienced as a teen – said to him, “That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen.  Don’t you know how to just FUCK?”

Don’t be like Q.  Don’t limit your repertoire to the most complicated trick and believe it makes you the Super-Secret Power-Skater.  One day down the road, you’ll get your ass kicked by a girl who can do a mean t-stop.  Learn the basics.

This is not the end of the SEX and ROLLER DERBY comparison. I’ll be back next week with more, if I haven’t thought of something more urgent to say.  In the meantime, submit your own comparisons!  I’ll write up the best ones in next week’s entry.


  13 Responses to “SEX and ROLLER DERBY”

  1. YES!

  2. Your only cheating yourself when you fake it!

  3. I do like the adjective “vulvic” better. It has a sort-of super powered Bionic Woman/Catwoman/Wonder Woman feeling to it.

    Vulvar sounds like a doctor word. I use doctor words sometimes as I talk people about their private body parts. They often counter with, “Do you mean my ….” I say, “Yeah, that thing.”

  4. Goddamn it, VIll, you had me cracking up at 7 in the morning, and I’m not use to being responsive that early in the day. Can’t wait for the second half!

  5. I totally used a roller derby analogy in bed the other day. That’s all I’m going to divulge.

  6. I just pray nothing bedroom-related requires the services of seven referees and a full contingent of NSO’s (Action and Error Tracking might prove somewhat embarrassing!).

    • LOL! I was thinking of including a heading in Part 2 called “You don’t REALLY need a dude, do you?” intended to poke fun at the refs. I hadn’t even thought of the NSO angle, though.

  7. “While points were scored, I was definitely not lead jammer.” Ha ha ha. I <3 you.

  8. Just started following this blog–love it!

    Don’t skip the warm-ups. Sometimes you can just go for it, but if you don’t ease into things you’ll often end up extremely sore.

    Remember to have fun. Don’t worry about looking bad or messing up. Don’t worry about which team is ahead. Just play your hardest and stay in the moment–you’re doing it because you love it!

    Don’t forget about your teammate(s). It’s easy to get caught up in things and focus on your own goals–it’s important to be aware of the other person(s) and what they need from you.

    This is fun!

  9. You are a GENIUS. My mind is racing with analogies and metaphors – this could go on and on infinitum. GREAT post – just what I needed with my morning coffee.

  10. . . . and to think my t-shirt was inspiring . . . *sigh*

  11. I think you may want to get a facebook icon to your site. Just bookmarked this article, although I had to complete it by hand. Simply my suggestion.

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