Feb 282011

People ask me what my off skates routine is quite often. I figured recording it all in one place without giving away too many Gotham Girls high tech secrets would be a good idea. Aaaaand save me from answering email. Hoooo-ray. Everyone wins.

Bike- I ride my bike to work everyday unless it’s snowing or raining. Riding in NYC freezing weather is good for mental strength because yelling at the wind doesn’t make it any less windy.

The gym- And the truth that you’re not going to like very much. I rarely lift weights. Sorry. But it’s true. I do once in a while on the weekends with my boyfriend. He mocks me cause I can do 1/4 of a pullup. See. I can’t even climb the giant noodle without him helping. This is a great time to survey the derby community. How many of you climbed this noodle in Chicago after Nationals??

Caption. I am getting a pull-up bar.

Yoga Tuesdays! Before I forced myself to do it, I wrote it off as boring and lame. But its just another sport, yet again for body and mind. You think its boring? Force you brain to get through it. Vinyasa Yoga has a great arm workout in there. I dabble in Bikram. Yes again, because its works me out mentally in additional to physically. Improving my balance on land, has improved my balance on skates.

I play roller derby. Duh. I skate 4 days a week and I try to add 1 extra day of speed skating when my schedule permits. But when I’m attending these practices we don’t JUST skate. We are dedicating 30 mins to 1 hour of land drills during practice 2-3 times a week. Stuff that includes tons of any of the following:running/jumping/plyometrics, footwork & agility, pushups, strengthening of the hamstring, shoulders, core, back. You name it.  There are no secret here. You can google any of this, or buy a fitness magazine. Youtube has tons of training ideas. Anyone in your league that has played high school sports knows tons of drills. I actually think in high school I was training the hardest I ever trained in my life. I think that’s why 16 year old me said fuck this and quit sports for marching band.

Genetics. Hard work plus dumb luck. Everyone in my league is doing the same workouts. We’re all strong and we’re all a lot stronger than we were when we started, and we all look different. Personal development and personal results are key. You are your own benchmark. If I make you want to do pushups, super. But its not me making you do the actual pushups. Its you finding a motivational stimulant in something, and its you taking a goal on and accomplishing it. You inspire me. I respect hard work and dedication.

Post Workout- I drink a protein shake thingy. I don’t know much about it from a technical standpoint. Muscles are hungry after a workout and get strong by getting protein. Or something like that. I dunno. I drink it. It made me stronger. If you think that that powder crap from GNC that I drink is gross, drink chocolate milk. Its the perfect post workout drink cause its got sugar and protein. In NYC we have this local dairy farm called Ronnybrook that makes chocolate milk with real cocoa. No corn syrup crap.

And in general I must goody two shoes you. If you smoke, you have to stop. Its just totally unacceptable for an athlete to smoke. You likely have 40+ leaguemates that will help you quit. If you drink a lot, knock it off. Treat booze like a reward.

I gotta go do some more pushups and yell at a cloud.  See ya next time.


  6 Responses to “Dear Suzy, how do I get arms like you?”

  1. It makes me so happy to know Suzy Hotrod was a band geek like me! Hooray!

  2. Something very important that you left out is adequate sleep. We all know sleep is good fur us but hard workouts actually tear your muscles up to a degree. This is the reason you are sore and should overdo it. It’s the sleep that allows muscle to heal so you can get stronger and build more muscle later on. Plus proper sleep will keep your mind and body sharper, physical exhaustion leads to mental exhaustion and in game scenarios, this leads to careless mistakes.

    I’m no fitness guru but I read that on a blog written by a guy with really gross huge muscles, so it made sense.

    Everything else sounds way legit and I’m far too lazy to do it all. I did yoga a few times, it kicked my ass up and down the block. Shit don’t play.

  3. Whoops: This is the reason you are sore and SHOULDN’T overdo it.

  4. Interesting and unique tips! Thanks. :)

  5. Great tips! I only started derby a year ago and I agree that booze needs to be treated like a reward. Your practices won’t mean shit if you’re skating with a hangover. Training has cut my boozing down big time. However, after a bout, the first thing on my mind is dumping a pitcher of beer on my face. :)

  6. thanks for the tips!

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