There is no off season

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Feb 072011

I will be the first to admit, with Thanksgiving  and Christmas, it’s all bets off, sloth time. And then after the fun is over the guilt of making up for it is back. If you’re competitive, there is no off season. Its a natural push to keep moving constantly, or how else can you be trying to be the best at something?

So what does that mean for the off season? I saw Michael Phelps on a tv show and he said “Every day out of the pool is 2 days back in to get back to where I was.” Scary. Well after the WFTDA Championships was Thanksgiving. Then I taught at 3 boots camps: The World of Derby in Manchester England hosted by the Rainy City Rollers, Blood and Thunder camp in Toronto, and Cleveland, Ohio with the Burning River Rollergirls. So that had me active teaching and also site seeing with many new excited athletes. I love traveling and teaching. Not sure what I have lined up yet for this year, you tell me?

Back in NYC there was the gym. Boring, but a necessary evil. Not too frequent of a destination, as I play team sports and like to be either suffering with others or being bossed around by my coaches and captains. Also my shitty $10 a month a gym has few available weights and it so crowded with weird men that sell prepay cell phones for a living.

3 words to avoid. Bikram Yoga Groupon.  I was hell bent on getting enough trips to at least make it a good value. I’m cheap. I like bargains. And I like this kind of yoga, I have done it before.  BUT, I didn’t like this yoga place. The main teacher and owner was a stellar douchebag and turned my physical practice in to the ultimate mental exercise to not get up and bitch slap him. Luckily I’m competitive and took this as a brain challenge to ignore him and not quit and give in to his Groupon scheme of charging people, being a douchebag, them quitting, him getting the money. Well it didn’t work on me. This did make me mentally stronger, and at least the towels were included.

Then speed skating came our way.  Frustration, NEW! pain, being pushed, and becoming obsessed with a new challenge, (and something that directly feeds in to our game.)  Our coach is inspiring and motivating. Being taught a new sport by another athlete that is totally dedicated to their sport is a productive place where the sky is the limit because we’re all willing to put skating first and everything else second, despite our practice attire and helmet differences.  He’s always strides out of reach. I like chasing things.

Today was the first day of practice for the league.  Now is the time for resolutions. Fuck January 1st. All I want to do is play roller derby. I want to be the best. I want to train in every way possible to prepare myself as an athlete. I want to be a great teammate. I am responsible for deciding that I will get myself ready for my team. Every drill will be done the hardest I can do it. This is everything to me. I’m so glad to be back.

Oh as another derby resolution, I need to write on this blog more. Sorry for negligence.


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  1. You are an inspiration to us starting out, 36 year old moms, loving skating and trying to keep it up! Way to go. :)

  2. Your comments recently about speed (roller) skating have me very curious. Speed has always been my nemesis and I have to work (seemingly) much harder than everyone else to stay the same speed. I hope in your upcoming posts you talk more about it! :)

  3. The ex-New Yorker and current Bikram teacher in me wants to know which studio you visited. ;) I had the very same reaction to a Bikram class when I first tried it, and clearly my stubbornness won out over the douchebaggery.

  4. Nice :)

  5. This post motivates me to try harder and stay positive. Thanks for that!

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