Oct 102010

dear blog readies! this post was prepared before the the Eastern Regional Tournament! But technical difficulties went down. and thusly, uhhh..its been like 3 weeks since I was at that tournament. Sorry to ruin the end of it, but we won. Thusly, I got conehead. Read on anyway…..


I celebrated the borrowing of a Swede Hurt’s (http://www.facebook.com/#!/swedehurt?ref=ts) car for 24 hours by doing what all urbanites do when in possesion of a car for 24 hours-Go to a Target and buy as much toilet paper and cat litter possible. Ok I don’t have a cat, but the other thing you do is call anyone you know that lives near you and freak out that you have a car for 24 hours and take them with you to Target, so THEY can buy cat litter. I digress. While at Target I stacked up on food to bring to the Eastern Regional Tournament this weekend. Yes indeed I bring stuff with me. Even though there likely are plenty of supermarkets around it can get really busy and hectic once you arrive and especially when you fly, its hard to find stuff at night when you roll in to town. And the winners are:

Plain Peanut Butter- natural, no sugar f’ing with it. i have been labeled a freedom hating terrorist twice and gotten my peanut butter confiscated at airport security. Its not really a solid despite not really being a liquid. None the less, bring it in a small container.

Oatmeal aka ROLLERGRUEL. eat it. every day. the plain stuff. Sugar sneaks its way in to everything breakfasty that isn’t plain oatmeal. it packs flat in a ziplock bag. since you never want to check your skates while flying, space saving is really important.

Brown Rice in the nifty heat and eat packages- Target has its own brand, or Uncle Bens. I like the flat rip off top packages. Again great for squeeeeeeezing in to small spaces in carry on.

Canned Tuna with tab ring to open it without a can opener- cheapy easy protein. I ate it almost every day at Rollercon

Trader Joe’s Almonds- How the hell do they sell them so damn cheap?!

Quinoa- KEEEEENWWAAAAAAH!! ever since Tina Bourbeau (https://www.freshdirect.com/brandpop.jsp?brandId=bd_tina_bourbeau) told me what the hell it was, I was impressed

Powdered Gatorade Mix- packs flat in ziplock bag, and regular strength gatorade is too sweet and makes me all dry mouth. this is cheaper and you can control the mix.

Luna Bars- again, how the hell does Target sell them so cheap?!

Stuff To Locate Once You Arrive:

Spinach, Whole Wheat Pasta, Low Sodium Pasta Sauce, Bananas, Whole Wheat Bread, Decent Turkey Lunch Meat, already cooked Frozen Grilled Chicken Breast Strips, Eggs

Now by all means, my regular life is not so nutritionally proper. But when the stakes are high, do I really need to be going in to a giant important bout feeding myself total garbage? I have a religious type of sock,lipstick, and underwear. And I bet you do too. Don’t treat your fuel tank with any less respect than your feet, your smile or your sweet can. Show up prepared. Plus if you’re cheap like me, this actually saves you TONS of money. And most of this stuff can be prepared in a hotel without a kitchen. At end end of the tournament consume 4 cakes, and 3 cheesburgers. STAT. or in this case, the Friendly’s conehead sundae for me, thanks.


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