And the winners are…

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Aug 232010

#2! for Best Dressed

aka Blue Man Girl and Black Cobra. Congrats. All your sweatin paid off.


#17! for Worst Dressed

aka Lad with Unintelligible Message on his Heiney. Congrats. I am very happy. And very sad for you.

Way to go boys and girls. I’d have to say I’m happy with the results, probably because I rode Bus 217 to school for six years and am, therefore, feeling warm and fuzzy in lieu of the winning contestants’ number combo. Hoorah!

Feel free to talk shit here if you aint down with the results.


  3 Responses to “And the winners are…”

  1. I think my butt message reads very well ;-)

  2. P.S I love everyone there! You all rock and have an awesome site!

  3. blue man girl aka rouge v wade.
    black cobera aka delilah danger.

    and i don’t know what all this talk of sweating is, i’m so cool i’m shivering.

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