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Granted I have only been to RollerCon once before, I am definitely expecting to see some core derby essentials sported around my favorite desert oasis. These are the best and must have fashions of RollerCon. So get your checklist out and your suitcase open – We’re packing for RollerCon!!

*Bandannas Galore – worn around neck, on the head and occasionally even the wrist (that’s one of my favorites). The derby bandanna is like derby fashion 101. It ranks right up there with booty shorts and knee socks. I will be packing more bandannas then I will be bringing underwear – he he.

*Awesome Scrimmage Shirts – The RollerCon challenge bout is sorta the heart of the festivities that go on at the convention. They bring together guys and girls of all skill levels from around the globe to participate in great match ups like: Bacon vs Faken Bacon, Android vs iPhone, Team World vs Team USA and the highlight of my personal RollerCon: Star Wars vs Star Trek.

One of the best things about these challenge bouts is the shirts! Wicked Skatewear (as usual) is producing a few of the scrimmage tees and highly recommend visiting their site to check them out.

*Hot Booty Shorts – Dang Vegas is HOT. RollerCon is the best excuse to trot around in booty shorts for a week. I expect to see some cheeky-humor (I’m hilarious – just admit it) great displays of derby names, nicknames, favorite sayings and whatever else you can fit on that round bum.

*Great Displays of Socks and Leg Wear – Sure it’s 100 degrees outside, but what would derby be without a great pair of socks and some killer tights? I will officially call anyone my personal hero if they have enough resistance to the heat to sport a pair of leg warmers! I might squeeze a pair into my suitcase, but I have no delusions of actually being able to wear them.

*Headbands – This is newer, but growing trend I have noticed in the last couple years. I bleeping love the narrow 70s style headband!! I would wear one and booty shorts to work if I could. It’s my required after party accessory – It holds your hair in place while you get down.

*Mustaches – Last but certainly not least is the derby mustache! As I reported in an earlier column mustaches in general are all the rage, so I am forecasting the appearance of mustache everything: Actual fake mustaches, mustache socks, necklaces, tattoos . . . whatever else you can think of.

*Honorable Mention: the Fanny Pack – My pal Lulu recently enlightened me as to the benefits and convenience of sporting the fanny pack: it frees your hands up! Great for after party dancing and RollerCon amazingness.

So that about covers the basics. Drop me a comment if it looks like I forgot anything. Next up: fitting it all (and my gear) into my suitcase!

May the Con be with you : P

Images courtesy of: RollerCon, Wicked Skatewear, Roxy Scarmichael

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