Jul 122010

Hey, remember in high school when your school sponsored essay-writing contests to get you excited about something you were totally not excited about and then gave you a lame ass prize that you didn’t want anyway? Well, this is just like that, only NOT AT ALL. Live Derby Girls wants to know why you love roller derby, and we are offering up some sweet prizes to get you tell us about it. You already think about derby all the time, so why not share your love with the world and win some shit? Here are the rules:

1. All entries should be 300-500 words or so on the subject of why you love roller derby or how you fell in love with the sport.

2. Entries must be mailed to tracdc@livederbygirls.com by NOON, JULY 19th to be eligible.

3. You must be willing to have your work published on LDG.

4. LDG contributors are not eligible.

5. Entries must be original, unpublished material.

And now the important shit. Here’s what you can win!

The top three entries will be published on LDG. 1st Place will receive a Spectator Pass to RollerCon (that way, even if you’re hurt or just a fan, you can come join the fun), an LDG tee, an LDG tank, and a bunch of LDG stickers, 2nd Place will win a shirt and tank and stickers, and 3rd Place will win a tank or tee! Plus you’ll be famous all over derbydom!

Winners will be announce Tuesday, July 20th, just in time to book a cheap flight to Vegas!

Alright, people, you’ve got one week! Get on it!


  2 Responses to “Why I Love Derby Writing Contest! Win Fame AND Prizes!”

  1. totally gonna do this!

  2. so who won? I’ve been out for knee surgery and haven’t heard of a winner yet!

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