Why Sprint?

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Jun 292010

We go to roller derby practices and usually incorporate sprint training into the endurance session. Have you ever wondered why this is so beneficial? The benefits of sprinting and the ways to incorporate it into your cross training are numerous.

First, let’s look at the benefits of sprinting. Why sprint?

1. Sprinting assists in the fat loss process more than regular aerobic training. When you sprint, certain types of enzymes become abundant. When these enzymes become abundant, they enable more energy and calorie storage and resist fat storage. It improves your metabolic rate.
2. Sprinting increases bone strength and density. High impact exercise like sprinting enables this tissue development which is very beneficial for long term health.
3. Running sprints enables sculpting of hamstrings. Less cellulite will remain on the on the legs when regular sprints are incorporated.
4. Sprinting increases endurance. With sprinting as a regular activity, the body increases its ability to store oxygen. Cardio and muscle strength training exercises become easier.
5. Sprinting helps manage stress and improve your mood.
6. Sprinting makes your muscles store and release energy efficiently, ultimately causing growth.

Sprinting can be incorporated into most types of cardiovascular training: running, cycling, skating, and even elliptical training. Here are some suggestions for how to incorporate into your running routine.

• Find a track or location with a known short distance such as 50 feet or 100 meters.
• Sprint for the distance. Follow with walking at a brisk pace for twice this distance.
• Complete this cycle ten times. If you’re a beginner, do only six cycles and work your way up to ten.
• Do this twice per week.

The attached photo can be misleading. Be sure not to run on your toes. Stay loose when you run. It is best for your muscles and your recovery  if you do not tense up during the activity.

 photo credit: www.sport-fitness-advisor.com/sprintingtechnique.html


  3 Responses to “Why Sprint?”

  1. Thanks Summer, I never really understood why we do sprints now I see.

  2. Is not running on your toes derby specific advice? Sprinters run on their toes.

  3. Thanks for your comments. Running on your toes is great for the game of derby as it can enable more acceleration on your skates during the game. The advice was intended for cross-training running (i.e. not on skates) when your not competing against others and are instead more focused on the resulting muscle and endurance development than beating an opponent.

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