Jun 202010

Pull ups are a tough exercise for many of us. I have been working out for years but never considered adding it to my routine until recently because it just seemed impossible to gain meaningful progress quickly. I’ve changed my position on this because I now fully understand the benefits:

• Back pain alleviation. How many teammates have you heard complain about back pain?
• Posture improvements. Slumping just doesn’t look good, and it is not good for derby blocking either.
• Increased strength. Good for giving and taking hits.

The best way to start adding pull ups is to use a pull-up exercise machine at the gym. These machines are designed to help you perform pull-up exercises without having to pull up your entire weight. When you approach the machine, you will need to select a weight for the exercise. Choose a weight that allows you to do three sets of eight reps. Here’s a helpful video to assist you with proper technique.

Another consideration is to do pull downs. This will also help you to develop your lats and improve your ability to do pull ups.

photo credit, pulls-ups-training.com; video credit, youtube.com


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  1. Ha ha ha ah
    I do pull-ups randomly in the subway

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