Jun 132010

Last weekend eight teams from all over California gathered in Paso Robles to compete in The Big One – one of California’s most watched “unofficial” tournaments.

The teams that participated were:

Bay Area Derby Girls
Humboldt Redwood Rollers
Angel City Derby Girls
Central Coast Roller Derby
San Diego Derby Dolls
Derby Revolution Bakersfield
Silicon Valley Rollergirls
Santa Cruz Derby Girls

My league, the Santa Cruz Derby Girls, had finally received our invite and I was ecstatic to go as an alternate for the Boardwalk Bombshells (the team I played on for two years before I tore my ACL at the end of last season) and observe in the derby amazingness.

Day 1 – Intros and Round Robin Mini Bouts

On the first day of the tournament all of the teams gathered around noon to skate out and get introduced. Intros varied from teams having a very colorful, elaborate intro to teams just taking a few laps.

The Highlights:

*BADG taking it slow to R Kelly’s “Bump N Grind”

*Humboldt Redwood Rollers had a great choreographed disco themed intro

*CCRD (The host league) skating out to the A-Team theme song

I had attended a tournament in Bakersfield earlier this year and in similar fashion almost 95% of the people in attendance there were the participating teams.  These tournaments are sorta like a derby-love fest. We’re there to beat each other up, progress the sport and cheer each other on.

I did hear that the San Diego Derby Dolls’ Wildfires had a decent cheer section that came up for the game – kudos ladies (way to make the drive)!

BADG and San Diego were shockingly (sarcasm) the big standouts of day one. My league got to play San Diego and it was an honor lining up with Trish the Dish – I was a little star struck.

I have to say the Day 1 Sexy Award goes to ACDG’s Hollywood Scarlets for some sick uniforms that looked slick and hot with too cute 70s style Lift and Separate shorts. I ended up splurging and buying a pair of black ones from the Wicked booth – well worth the cost! Thank you Stychnine!

Day 2 – Finals and a Hang Over

Unfortunately my league did not advance, the plus side of this was that we could get our after party on without having to worry about being hungover and playing. Call me an optimist, but there is definitely an up side to loosing.

Day two was a little rough getting up and to the venue. My carpool buddy Cleopatra Catastrophe and I made it down just in time to catch the end of the first half of the Silicon Valley Rollergirls verses BADG game. Being that I am a culture columnist and not a bout-writer all I can say about this game is that BADG had SVRG’s card with a shocking win of 259-40.

The bout for the winning spot was between BADG and SDDD, again shocking ;) – BADG’s travel team has been kicking ass and taking names this season and won the tournament with a final score of 151-148.

All in all it was a great weekend. Iron Maven from LADD (and Whip It!) was walking around. I wanted to try and get an interview with her for Live Derby Girls, but I was hyper focused on not puking (which I ended up doing) and staying focused for our mini games. Next time!

I’ll be sure and bring my nerdy writing stuff (ie: laptop, pad and a pen) with me the next time I travel for derby – You better believe I’ll be getting some good interviews at Rollercon! Maybe I’ll do some video . . . the wheels in my head are already turning.

Special thanks to CCRD for hosting The Big One this year – you ladies are amazing hosts!

As always if you have any tips or story ideas feel free to hit me up at: derby.hurts@gmail.com

Photo courtesy of www.thebigonetournament.com

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