Full of Meh!

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May 182010

It's MY party Bitch!

I’ve been staring at a blank computer screen for over an hour now and can’t think of a single inspiring, quotable thing to say.  Mainly because I’ve been feeling sorry for myself for days now and I really just feel like bitching a little bit.  So, since this is my diary, and I can cry if I want to, I’m going to do just that.

I’m fucking exhausted.  Every second of my life is planned and scheduled.  And I’m so sick of it.  I want to sleep in and get up at noon.  And I want to sit around drinking coffee in my bathrobe, reading the newspaper.  I have a pool that I’ve only been able to get in twice so far since the weather warmed up.

I feel like that little kid who’s stuck indoors, finishing his homework and staring out the window at all of his friends playing stick ball in the street.  I’d love to go on outdoor afternoon skates every Sunday afternoon.  I want to skate the fishbowl in Hammond sometime.  And I want to spend a Wednesday night at Sciara’s pummeling my teammates and fine tuning my blocking.  Every practice I go to I see the Capitol Offenders narrowing the gap between the A Team and the B Team.  It pisses me off, it makes me nervous and it fills me to the brim with envy.

The Green-Eyed Monster

It also drives me to work my ASS off at practices these days.  Granted, I should have been working my ass off since I started, but nothing drives you like fear sometimes.  I’m not losing my spot on that roster!  Since my availability is limited, I’ve got to really start making the most of the time I have.  So, starting today, ladies, it’s take no prisoners.  I’m going to hit everything that moves!  If you’re in striking distance, I’m going to do my best to take you down. And please don’t take it personally if I happen to knock you on your ass!  The only thing YOU’VE done to deserve it, is gotten better!  ; )

Photo Credits:  fotoJENica a/k/a Jenny Romney and http://lovethatfeeling.com/blog/its-not-easy-bein-green/


  6 Responses to “Full of Meh!”

  1. I knew this was your entry the second I saw the title and I can totally relate. Let’s sandwich someone tonight :)

  2. I’d be honored to get knocked on my ass by u! And anytime you want to work on hitting some1 I’m totally down b/c I really have to work on that to ever have a legit chance to get on the All Star team. I like your take no prisoners kinda attitude :)

  3. Good post – I’m familiar with that feeling. I feel like if I’m not at work, I’m skating – if I’m not skating, I’m thinking about work. My left over time just goes to being exhusted – I don’t feel like I get anything done.
    Derby has been so different for me since I returned from my injury. I have finally let go of the Raven Von Kaos that was and stopped trying to get everything back to exactly the way it used to be and have decided to take the knew knee ligament has a fresh start. I’m trying to break every old habit, tradition and ritual and start anew – it has given me a bit of a new spark . . .

    Good luck on hitting :)

  4. it is a teamsport, you dont ever have to be the best, you just have to be ablr to work real well with your blcokers and have a good strategy

  5. Wow, that was inspiring! Might just do the same :)

  6. Tuesday, I would just like to say that back in the day, you gave me my first serious derby bruise. I called it The Hurricane, accurately. Shit didn’t go away for like three weeks, and I can remember exACTly where I landed on the track when you gave me that hit. And I was honored!
    I’m hoping to juke quickly enough to avoid another one, though. Ha!

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