May 142010

The freshmeat 15 of roller derby. Its a common occurance girls who start skating derby. What is happening is that you are building up some epic skating legs and that muscle may make the scale look like you are packing on the pounds. I encourage you all to not let the scale dictate you lives. Every girl has a different definition of healthy and for the most part, it really shouldnt have a whole lot to do with what the scale says. If you find you are psyching yourself out with the number game, I encourage you to go get body fat tested. Calipers are fine, hydrostatic testing is even better.

Lets face it, most girls would like to look hot in their hot pants. Yes, we love derby for its raw athleticism but we also like to look good while doing it. Several of the girsl on my all-star team went out and bought girdles to suck everything in under their uniforms. I personally think that nutrition and healthy life style is the best way to keep it sexy on the track.

Bottom line is, you gotta have some meat on your bones to play this sport. Girls who lack muscle will have an increased chance of injury on the track. On the same note, being at an unhealthy weight as a result of poor nutrition can lead to things like asthma, pre-diabetic conditions, low muscle strength, etc.

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  1. One year after dedicating my life to derby, I noticed my tight jeans were getting looser in one place and tighter in others. Hmm. Then my doc did a body mass analysis: I gained ten pounds, but my body fat percentage changed for the better. I can only hope that this time next year I have thighs of steel. I love what derby has done for and to my body (minus a wrecked knee of course).

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