Apr 282010

Derby is for EVERYONE and you can do with it what you like. Thats the beauty of our sport. There is a place for all shapes and sizes. All levels of experience. Derby can make you into whoever you want to be. So the next step is to ask yourself, who do you want to be?

In my opinion there are 3 different types of girls in our sport. There are derby girls, derby skaters and derby all stars. Every league needs all three to make things jive.

I really want ot focus on those of you who see yourselves a current or future derby all stars. You are the ones who go the extra mile, hit p the streets for some endurance skating, cross train, weight train, do plyometircs and of course keep you selves in to shape nutritionally. I want you to ask youself, whats your motivation?

Keeping your “Why” in mind really helps keep things in perspective when you start to hit plateaus. Even the best of the best will even off at some point. When you find yourself hitting a wall with you level of play or getting frustrated there are two things you shoudl do. 1) Remind youself why you love the sport and what it is that drives you to be the best, 2) Talk to someone you look up to in the derby world and ask for advice. Skaters love to talk shop and askign them for inspiration and education is usualy an awesoem ego boost and they’re more than willing to share with you some tips and tricks to step it up.

Bottom line is there is no limit to how far we can take this sport. Now end in site as to how much better we can all get. Olympic level competion? Professional Level leagues? You better believe there a whole new level of derby to be played and the only way to go is up.


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