Apr 262010

Last week I spent at practice, finding out I made Gothams All-stars, scrimmaging Philly and hanging out with girls from Philly, Rat City, Gotham and even a few London girls. Rollergirls are the best, we play hard and we party hard. We drink beers and we fall into each others arms laughing after beating up on each other on the track. We all know you can only learn from the best… so we get the best drunk and pump them on information… MOHAhahahaha… We also realize that we are involved in a serious sport, and therefore drinking is not the main point of our lives or the fun.

Calling of my last jam with Rat City

Calling of my last jam with Rat City (Photo by Jules Doyle)

I take derby very seriously. I will be at practice four times a week. I will work my ass off. I will listen to what the other girls have to say, I will look at how they skate. I will be humbled and annoyed. I will work really, really hard to make sure that my team can count on me. I also work out off skates, I life weights and do other off skate workouts. I don’t go out and get drunk the week before a bout, but I will be dancing on the bar with my teammates after the game is played and the points are scored. I consider the after parties a workout, and sometimes I even bruise.

I love derby, I love every aspect of it, I mostly love being on the track and learning new drills, but I also love the off track comradarie, I love that I now have friends in almost every major American city and even a few in Europe. I love watching derby, but honestly, it will never be as fun as playing. I am not only a Gotham Roller Derby Girl, but I am also a proud member of Team Vagine and Team Legit, and I try to get as much time on the track as possible, because that’s what really matters, to get to skate…. I love my pick-up teams because it gives me the opportunity to skate with girls that I only get to see once in a while and also experience something different from my everyday life.

Team Legit played the LA Derby Dolls earlier this year


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  1. And we love you Swede Hurt!

  2. Omg. those poses are amazing.

  3. Hi the Swede Hurt, it is your big brother Staffan, I love you too.

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