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Apr 202010

I recently started private training sessions with an aspiring future derby star. Before we even laced up our skates, I sat down with her and asked her what she wanted out of derby. Like many girls, she’s looking for a way to get back into sports, get in shape and find some comradary amongst women. This is a girl is tall and skinny and has some major potential. The first thing I told her was “if you want any longevity in this sport, you need to put on some muscle, otherwise its only a matter of time before crashing to the floor and smashing into girls takes a toll on you body and you’re out for the count.”

We took some time to look at what she eats on a daily basis and how much strength training she does on a weekly basis. First thing I noticed was that she was not getting nearly enough protein to feed her body. The number one issue I find with almost every girl is that they havent made the connection between what they put in their body and how they perform. Seems simple, yes? Take a look at what you eat every day. Do you know how much protein you’re getting every day? Do you know how much you need? Did you know that when you eat it and how much can make a difference inyour perfomrance as well?

Protein 101:

Protein is made up of amino acids. Amino acids are the building blocks of you muscle. It helps you feel full longer and have sustained energy without crashing. You should be getting 15-30 grams of protein within 30 minutes of finishing a workout (especialy strength training) in order to build lean muscle and aid in muscle recovery. I swear by Formula 1 and PDM mixed together for both breakfast and my recovery shake every day.

Protein requirements vary from person to person based on your height and weight. Its important to know how much you as an individual need to support your day to day life and your asskicking derby career. If you have questions about how much protein to get or where to get it from, or when to eat it etc, email me Derbalife@gmail.com or post your questions!!!


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  1. What?? You did not post the picture of us drinking morning shakes together??

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