Apr 142010

When I started roller derby, I was living in southern Mississippi with my alcoholic mother. I was trying to pull my life together after splitting with my husband of seven years whom I’d been with for eleven. Our two young sons stayed


with their dad in Maryland. I was broke, lonely, trying to get my shit together. I was sad. 
I was stepping in my mama’s urine in the middle of the night. I was fucking people that didn’t deserve to put a finger up my twat. I was eating Mini-Wheats every night for supper. I liked Mini-Wheats. I liked them because I could grab them quick and dart to my room in case my mom got up drunk, half naked, and stumbling down the hall way toward my kitchen.

My soul certainly needed saving; and then, there she was: beautiful roller derby.

I heard about the Mississippi Roller Girls while visiting friends in Nashville. I got home, looked them up on myspace, sent a couple emails, and was watching a practice before I knew it. My obsession was instantaneous. It was the release I needed. They were sliding and knee-falling and colliding into each other. I wanted to start that day. There were so many amazing and beautiful women just a’laughin and hollerin. It was a small league. Only about 10 skaters. I was instantly welcomed and encouraged. My mom could feel my enthusiasm. She gave me her credit card and told me to order skates. She was tremendously drunk, of course, (and I could have bought a moped) but I opted for the low price r3’s.

I began practice a week later.

Joining the league was the first healthy thing I had done for myself since I hopped in a rental car and kissed Maryland (and a decade long relationship) goodbye. With a renewed sense of optimism, purpose, and courage, I strapped on my skates and started my journey.


  2 Responses to “Starting Over”

  1. Great article. Chilling and REAL. Thanks for putting it out there.

  2. i love and respect you for all you do and just remember when you need a lil guidance i will be the lil person telling you to do what you feel is right.


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